Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sunday Dinner: Breakfast

It's omelet time! You've gotta love breakfast for dinner every once in a while.

Just like with quesadillas, when I make omelets I like to pull out everything from the refrigerator that will work. Tonight in my omelet: ham, onion, mushrooms, leftover, cooked asparagus, and American cheese. In my husband's I swapped the asparagus(he's not a fan) for green chilies(they go better with the hot sauce he pours on just about everything), and the kids just had ham and cheese in theirs. Notice a theme in some of my meals? Foods that you can personalize. Pizza, quesadillas, potato bar, and now the omelet.

I like to begin by sauteing the onions and then toss in the other filling ingredients to heat them up.

Now I crack 2-3 eggs into a bowl and add a little milk. Beat with a whisk or fork.

Heat an omelet pan, coating the bottom of the pan with a healthy oil or butter. Then pour the eggs into the hot pan, tilting or shaking the pan so the egg mixture spreads evenly. I removed the heated filling ingredients from this pan before pouring in the egg. For a simpler version, you could just pour the egg over the ham, onions, mushroom, or whatever you have in your skillet.

Next, use a spatula to lift the cooked edges of the omelet toward the center of the pan, and then tilt or shake the pan until the runny egg mixture fills up the gap again. Quickly repeat this step until there’s no longer enough egg mixture liquid to fill the gap.

Now put the the fillings of your choice onto the omelet

If desired, top with cheese. Use your favorite. American, cheddar, provolone...or go Greek and try feta.

Finally, gently loosen the edges of your omelet, fold the omelet in half....

and slide it onto a plate. I cut up leftover baked potatoes and pan fried them with sliced onions for hash browns. I also browned some sausage links to complete our "breakfast for dinner" Sunday supper.

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