Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Meal Plan Takes a Thanksgiving Break

This week my meal plan is suspended due to travel and my preparation for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast. I am currently out of town and canning 150 lbs of beef. When I return home on Monday, my focus will not be a daily meal plan, but rather cleaning and cooking and baking for my guests who will be arriving on Thursday. If I had to guess, this week my family will probably use up a restaurant gift card, eat defrosted sloppy joes and maybe even have Easy Mac or Hamburger Helper while I prepare to hostess Thanksgiving.

Keep checking in this week, though. I will be posting. First about my beef canning trip over the weekend and then the pictures and recipes for the dishes I am preparing for Thanksgiving. Next week, the meal plan returns...possibly with ways to use up all of that leftover turkey!

If you're hosting Thanksgiving, what's on the menu?
If you're going to a Thanksgiving dinner, what are you taking?

My dad requested Beef Wellington, Lobster, and Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake...but I think I'll stick to the traditional.

Here's my menu:

Stuffing-which I don't actually stuff into anything, but bake separately.
Mashed Potatoes
Green Bean or Broccoli Casserole
Baked Corn Casserole
Sweet Potato Casserole-my personal favorite
Rolls with Butter and Jam

Wow, that's a lot of casserole!

For dessert:
Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake
Peanut Butter Pie
Grandma's Cherry Pie

Good luck with your holiday preparations!

If you are still planning your meals this week, don't forget my guide to meal planning!


Katie@ThisCrazyLife said...

okay so for my Thanksgiving yesterday I was in charge of the Turkey, the Sweet potato casserole(my favorite as well)the rolls, and the mashed potatoes. My mom made chicken and noodles. My cosin brought corn and mac and cheese. My wunt brought green been casserole and a cheese ball. My brother and Kev brought the stuffing. My grandma brought the pies. All around a great meal! On Thurday I am responsible for taking sweet potato casserole and a dessert to Lili's

Anonymous said...

Here is my Menu:
Deep fried Turkey (Tim's specialty)
Bread stuffing (for Tim)
Peruvian stuffin (for the rest)
Philipino egg rolls (Yum)
Deviled Eggs
mashed potatoes(w/lots of garlic butter)
spinach pie
baked corn casserole (Deron's specialty)
layered salad (Ana's specialty)
Sweet Potatoe Casserole(Katie's specialtly)
Chicken & Noodles (Rachael's specialty)
buttered corn (for the kids)
Yeast rolls-butter-rubarb jelly

Pomegranet Martinis (Lili's favorite)

for dessert
Pumpking pie
Caramel apple pie
cheese cake

Way to much food...but will manage to eat many times...that's the reason I start Thanksgiving we can eat all day.

Sending lots of hugs and kisses to all of you.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Aunt Lili

Krista's Kitchen said...

Both of you sound like you have delicious menus.

We fried our turkey last year and it was so good that we invited the neighbors over and fried another one on Christmas. I'm with Uncle Tim on bread stuffing...I love that stuff.

So what's in the Peruvian stuffing? I may have to give it a try sometime.

And pomegranate martinis!? Now that's a side dish I could dig. Maybe you should make one for me on Christmas. : )

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