Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meal Plan and Grocery List 11/17-11/23

Monday November 17th
Beer Cheese Chowder in a Bread Bowl

Tuesday November 18th
Slow Cooker Pot Roast
over Egg Noodles

Wednesday November 19th
Cheese and Onion Quesadillas
Rice and Beans

Thursday November 20th
Orange Pepper Steak

Friday November 21st
Pizza Night

Saturday November 22nd
Hamburgers on the Grill
What? Put your coat on. The grill still works, even if you have to shovel a path to get there.

Sunday November 23rd
Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner every once in a while?

Just an FYI (for your information) in case you were thinking, “Okay. Orange Pepper Steak and….what?” I did not specify what sides I will be serving with the Orange Pepper Steak , pot roast, or the hamburgers on this week’s plan. As a rule, unless there are vegetables in the dish I’ve prepared, I always pair the meal with some type of vegetable. Usually it’s one from the freezer that I can easily steam or pop into the microwave. It is difficult enough to choose a vegetable to please every person in my family, so I will leave it up to all of you dear readers to choose sides that fit the needs and tastes of your family. Hope you all enjoy cooking along this week!

Grocery List

Sweet Red Pepper
Green Onion
1 Orange

Small, round loaves of bread for bread bowls, any flavor. I think mine were sourdough
Hamburger buns
Ham-for the omelets, if desired

3-4 lb rump or chuck roast
2 lb. boneless sirloin
Beef patties

6 oz. shredded cheddar
6 oz. shredded American (you can use the slices)
Mexican blend shredded cheese
flour tortillas
Sour cream

Canned Goods
1 beer
1 can of Coke
Cream of mushroom soup
Beans- refried or black beans to serve with quesadillas
Catalina Dressing

Dry Goods
Chicken Bouillon granules
French onion soup mix
Egg noodles
Spanish rice mix

Garlic powder


Jackie said...

I wonder how horrible it would be to follow your meal plan AND keep within my WW points. You seem to have such great ideas! Cheese chowder? That can't be good for you, but sounds soooo yummy!!

Krista's Kitchen said...

Uh, yeah...I'm guessing the cheese chowder is pretty high in points. I don't have my slider with me. But skip the bread bowl and have a small portion...I'm all about budgeting my points. Not that I'm counting right now...I need to be, but I have to get back on track. They still have flex points, right? LOL.

1 cup of the chowder=311 calories, 21 g fat (ouch!), 1 g fiber

Jackie said...

8 points. Holy moly! I may just skip that one. Who can only eat one cup of soup? I have a few of your recipes saved to make for next week. Hopefully mine turn out as well as yours look!

Anonymous said...

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