Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Build-Your-Own-Sub Night

My family loves it when I plan for DIY dinners like build-your-own tacos or nachos, make-your-own pizza, baked potato bar, and now submarine sandwich assembly. I love it too, because all of the family members take an active role in dinner preparation and everyone gets exactly what they want- which means no complaints at the dinner table!

The preparation for this dinner is pretty simple. I just start cleaning out my refrigerator. I already had washed leaf lettuce and sliced tomatoes leftover from our weekend cookout. Plus I had a package of already fried turkey bacon, that I use for my oldest daughter's school lunches. (She loves bacon wraps with fresh spinach for lunch). After that I started pulling out cheese slices, cold cuts, and condiments.

With the ingredients at the ready, I called in the troops and assisted everyone as they tailored the subs to their tastes.

No need for a step-by-step or a recipe here, so instead I have a couple of pictures of the finished product.

This is the creation of my youngest daughter. She starts pre-school tomorrow!

And here's my super-stacked sub, made complete with a layer of those home-canned pickle slices that I put up last month. YUM!

Now that I've got my family to help with dinner, I just need to figure out how to make them clean up after...

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Kim said...

I love the whole concept of build your own. Everyone has fun and everyone gets what they want. Hope you're doing well.

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