Monday, September 5, 2011

My Lackadaisical Meal Plan 9/6- 9/11

With this being a short week, I only needed to plan for 3 meals to feed my family. The choice of what to put on my meal plan was pretty easy since I wanted to find recipes that would utilize the produce I've accumulated from my garden.

So tomorrow, we'll make build-your-own subs, piled high with garden fresh lettuce and tomatoes.

On Wednesday, I'm cooking up a pot of chili. After today's cold, gloomy weather I'm craving big hearty bowl of chili with all of the "fixins". Plus, last week I dried a few pounds of chili peppers and ground most of them into powder. I'm excited to give my chili a flaming hot flavor boost with that homemade chili powder, and to show all of you how I dried those peppers.

Thursday, I've got my sights set on eggplant parmesan, since I still have the 3 eggplants that my grandma sent last week. I've never made eggplant parmesan, so I'm still searching for that perfect recipe.

On Friday, my youngest sister and her little ones are coming for a visit and we're going to a tailgate party before the high school football game.

On Saturday, we plan to attend the Cleveland Garlic Festival. I can't wait to report back here about this event. Should be fun!

And finally, on Sunday, we'll either have leftovers or I'll pull a meal from the freezer.

I know that this isn't my usual meal plan format. No grocery list this week, either. I think that I may have fried my brain on the 5 online teacher training modules and tests that I needed to complete today before the school board can approve me as a substitute teacher at their meeting tomorrow. Plus, my kiddos keep getting out of bed and I can't seem to finish typing a sentence before I have to "Super Nanny" them back upstairs. I'm having serious motivation problems tonight. Does that ever happen to you?

No worries though, I'm sure that tomorrow I'll be back to my usual chipper self and that the food this week is going to be delicious!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful long weekend!


Unknown said...

Yes, it does! Your meals sound delish as ever and, easy! Hope you had a good weekend. A good night's sleep will put you back as usual. Hugs! Loretta

Love Bears All Things said...

nothing wrong with that menu. I've never made eggplant parmesan either. I've never eaten it but imagine it is like the chicken version.
Have a fun visit with your sister.
Mama Bear

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