Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

The cupcakes are baked and decorated.

The Cheesy Potato Casserole is chillin' in the fridge and ready to be baked toted to a family dinner.

with these Jalapeno Popper appetizers. They'll just need a quick re-heat....

*Recipes for the cupcakes, Cheesy potatoes, and jalapeno popper cups will be posted next week.

And let's not forget the traditional breakfast casserole, it's ready to pop into the oven and bake while we all put on our "Sunday best"!

The eggs are colored.

The Easter dresses (and accessories) are pressed and waiting.

The annual Easter Eve rolling-of-the-hair is complete, insuring bouncing locks to be tamed with pink bows and headbands.

The Easter story has been read, prayers have been said, and...THE KIDS ARE IN BED!

What am I forgetting? Oh, the baskets.... Well, they're still in the trunk of the car...ready for hiding before we turn in for the night.

I just need to put a couple more stitches in my Easter dress and we are totally READY for one awesome Resurrection Celebration tomorrow!

I hope that all of you are ready too. Wishing everyone a wonderful day with your families and a blessed Easter!

An Easter Prayer:

Time for joy and time for giving
Time for remembering
Love while living.

Take this message Easter Day
Show kindness, care
At home and play.

It's in our very acts of giving
Easter's joy
Makes life worth living.

Children round the globe now hear
Keep Easter
In your heart all year.

May joy and love spread land to land
Linked heart to heart
And hand to hand!

Happy Easter!

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Amy said...

Happy Easter! You really shouldn't let me read this post after I have been on the partio, I just logged in to get the recipe for farmers breakfast casserole, AFTER Jenny and I hide baskets and Eggs.

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