Friday, January 29, 2010

One Week From Tomorrow....

There's going to be a serious football game happening in Miami! Are YOU ready for some football!?! I am! Super Bowl Sunday is always fun, but this year I'm actually a fan of the teams in competition, which makes it all the better. First off, we're huge Colts fans in this house. I'm an Indiana girl and my husband grew up right outside of Indianapolis. I proudly wear my #18 jersey each and every game day as we crowd in front of the television to cheer on the Colts. Peyton Manning is awesome! At the same time, my other favorite NFL quarterback is playing in this game and we're rooting for him too. Drew Brees, fellow Purdue alumnus, (he was just a year behind me and in the same class as my husband) led us to the Rose Bowl. We cheered for him all through college and we've been following his career ever since. Needless to say, we are psyched for Super Bowl XLIV! Our celebration will be pared down a bit this year. We're celebrating with a few friends up here in Cleveland Browns country. I've been tossing around ideas for what to serve. Of course the party is at our house. We just got our new high definition cable hooked up in time for the occasion!

If you're in the market for recipes for your own super bowl party or if you're heading out for the night and bringing a dish to share, here are some suggestions...

I'm doing a "Soup-er Bowl" Sunday. I'm going to have Chili with all of the fixins'

and I'm making my favorite Spicy Clam Chowder too. I haven't written about that yet, so stay tuned.

You might also try this Shrimp Bisque.

Or Cheesy Potato Soup.

Of course, my husband will be frying up some WINGS!

The rest of my menu isn't set in stone yet, But here are some party foods that are sure to please!

Texas Beef BBQ (Didja know that Drew Brews hails from the great state of Texas?) This picture isn't phenomenal, but I assure you that the BBQ is! If you're looking for an easy crock pot BBQ recipe, this is it!

Cajun Seafood Bread (and not only are the Saints playin' in the Super Bowl, but New Orleans is Peyton Manning's hometown.) This one gets my highest recommendation!

Of course, NACHOS are always a favorite in the stadium and at any party.

Or you could go a bit more gourmet with these Sesame Asparagus & Caramelized Onion Bruschetta.

Then there's my Cheddar Beef Pull-Apart Bread. I might just have to make this one for the sake of tradition. I brought this to the party the last time the Colts won a Super Bowl.

I'm still a fan of Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts at any party. YUM!

Oh, and meatballs are good too. Make these easy meatballs and then cook em' in your crock pot with a bottle of chili sauce and a jar of grape jelly...a weird but wonderful combination.

Or make Meatball Sliders.

Some prefer subs on Super Bowl Sunday. If you live in a warmer climate or if you're not bothered by trudging through the snow to your grill, you can't go wrong with this Grilled Submarine Sandwich.

Oh, you know what else? A big pan of Cheesy Beef and Bean Burritos would go over nicely too.

Or any one of these PIZZAS.

And you can't forget the dip. What's a party without dip? Try this 7 Layer Dip.

Or this Spicy Hamburger Dip.

Or Frank's Red Hot Dip. I love this dip!!!

Or my husband's favorite, the Hot Triscuit Dip.

Of course, to indulge those with a sweet tooth, you could whip up some Monster Cookies.

Or a batch of Caramel Corn.

Personally, I'm trying a new recipe. A peanut butter and jelly bar. I'm really excited for this one.

As much as I enjoy football, I guess it's pretty obvious that I'm excited about the food too!

I just have to share this. I made this collage the last time the Colts went to the Super Bowl. This is my oldest daughter, all ready to cheer on the Colts. I just wanna pinch her two-year-old baby cheeks and freeze her in time forever! She's growing up way too fast! Lucky for us, this Colts jogging suit is now the perfect size for her little sister...just in time for another Colts Super Bowl! Gotta love hand-me-downs!

I hope that you all have a safe and fun Super Bowl Sunday wherever you are and no matter what team you're cheering for!


Mary | Deep South Dish said...

They are all WINNERS!! Yum, now I'm hungry!

A Cooking Bookworm said...

Oh, oh, oh!! I want to try the Cheesy Potato Soup! That sounds so bad-for-you delicious!!! :-D

Joanna said...

These all look like yummy ideas... I'm giving a baby shower that afternoon (pre-game) so I may use some for that & some for game time! Also, I made your Spaghetti Pie recipe tonight -- so delicious! My boyfriend said, "I don't know what this ricotta cheese stuff is, but it's really good." He was talking about the cream cheese/sour cream layer -- he has no clue about food, but I'm so glad he liked it :)

Kim said...

I spent quite some time looking at all your links. I love the triscuit dip and the frank's hot dip, not to mention several others! Sounds like you are going to have a very tasty superbowl day!

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