Monday, July 20, 2009

Meal Plan and Grocery List 7/21-7/26

Hello everyone! I am back from flaming hot (114 degrees!) Las Vegas. Holy cow, I am TIRED. Lots of fun and very little sleep happened on my girl's trip to Las Vegas in honor of my little sister's 30th birthday. Here are a few photos from my trip.

Our hotel, the lovely Monte Carlo.

The Colorado River from Hoover Dam.

My sisters and I after our Dam tour. Ha ha. Get it? Dam tour? That joke got a little old after the 100th time. You can't see the sweat, but it hit 126 degrees on the pavement at the Hoover Dam that day. Yikes!

The ladies (minus 2 from our group) out on the town last night.

Now back to reality. People have to eat, right? So here is the meal plan for the remainder of this week:

Tuesday July 21st

Fresh Green Beans with Potatoes and Bacon

Wednesday July 22nd

Turkey Burgers with Caramelized Onions

Thursday July 23rd

Chicken Nacho Bake

Friday July 24th

Grilled Pizzas

Saturday July 25th

Jalapeno Popper Appetizers

Sunday July 26th

Taco Salad

Grocery List


2 onions
1 1/2- 2 lbs. green beans
2-3 potatoes
2 large sweet onions
green onions
2 tomatoes
jalapeno peppers


1 1/4 lb. lean ground turkey
1 lb. lean ground beef


shredded cheddar
sour cream
fresh mozzarella
shredded pizza cheese
cream cheese

Canned Goods

beef broth
olive oil
Worcestershire sauce
hot pepper sauce
2 cans cream of chicken soup
picante sauce
4 oz. diced green chilies
pizza sauce
kidney beans
sliced black olives

Dry Goods

Baked Doritos
all purpose flour
whole wheat flour
dried onions
garlic powder
1 pkg taco seasoning


Coleens Recipes said...

I KNOW I would expire in that kind of heat!!These days, with just the 2 of us to cook for, hubby often turns his nose up at what's on the menu (he is strictly a meat and potatoes man). I really miss the days when my kids were home and I could make menu's like yours.

chow and chatter said...

wow what a fun trip back to cooking love reb

Heather S-G said...

FUN!!! I'm envious of your meal plans...I'm definitely no good at "planning" my weekly meals... :D

Reeni said...

Girls trips to Vegas are the best - looks like you had fun - hot fun!

Katy ~ said...

I would wither up and blow away in the breeze in that kind of heat. Whew! It looks as if you had a lot of fun with some great lady friends. Now I want to go to Las Vegas!

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