Thursday, April 9, 2009


Here it is....another post from sunny Florida. We set out on the 16+ hour drive home tomorrow morning. Let's hope it goes as smoothly as the trip down. While I'm singing the fifth verse of "the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round" and dispensing granola bars from the front seat to keep the kiddos happy, you can check out my cookbook selection.

These are my cookbooks and cooking magazines and recipe files. The files are full of recipes that I tear out of magazines or copy from a friend or print from the Internet. When I get a magazine, I tear out decorating ideas, party ideas, and all of the recipes that I want to try. I file these torn-out pages in labelled folders. Then, I get rid of the rest of the magazine after I read it. I've you are a regular reader you might have gathered that I'm not big on clutter. I keep all of my cookbooks, magazines, and files on a shelf above the stove. Interestingly, I've never ever purchased a cookbook. These are all gifts or hand-me-downs. Most of them from my wedding showers. So, I've been cooking out of the same books for 6 or more years. It's getting a little boring. I'm ready for some fresh inspiration.

Here is where I keep my favorite recipes. It's a little recipe notebook that I picked up at a Kroger a few years back. I know there are all kinds of wonderful computer recipe programs out there, but there's something about having all of my most favorite recipes, written in my handwriting, in a handy notebook. For me, it's kind of like keeping a diary. If there was a fire and I could only grab five things on the way out (beyond my family, of course) this would be one of them. My recipes. Love them.

You can see, it's not the most organized notebook. Here are some new favorites that I need to copy into my notebook. They hang out behind the front and back covers.

Here's a question: What are your favorite cookbooks? What's a "must have" cookbook? I may just consider purchasing one for my very own. It's time.

Also, how do you keep your recipes? Filed on your PC? On cards in a box? Please, feel free to share!


Anonymous said...

My favorite cookbooks are Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa cookbooks. I also love an Italian one, simply titled, "Rome."

As for keeping magazine & Internet-printed recipes, I recently started filing them in sheet protectors in a huge binder. In front of the binder I have a monthly calendar page where I keep track of menu plans & blog events. I think I'll post about it on my blog.

Hope you have a safe trip home!

Donna-FFW said...

LOVE this post Krista.. I keep all mine in sheet protectors, after Ive photographed and typed out what I made, I am saving for all my children.. Think I will do a post on this also.. Would love to look through yours..

Krista said...

I love the binder and sheet protector idea. I'm going to have to start a binder!

Deanna said...

Ooh, great minds think alike.... I do a binder, too (once I've actually made a recipe and it makes "the cut"). One of my new fav's.... "Beyond Macaroni and Cheese".... it's a cookbook published through MOPS.... by moms, for moms. Simple recipes.... but they always turn out terrific! I've recommended it to a few other friends, and they have loved it, too.

Kelley said...

I do all of the above, I'm a cookbook/recipe collector I think. I'm never without something new to try in my cupboard..... or online now! (I have two shelves full of Taste of Home magazines, and books. I use post-it flags to mark the recipies (the colors are barely hanging out of the top of each book)I use 5 colors to mark "dessert, breakfast, main dish, side dish, and breads" and I put flags in all the recipes that I want to try.
Then I have a favorite cookbook in two small three ring binders with sheet protectors and recipe size sections(one for desserts, one for everything else for the recipes that make the "cut."

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