Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beef Up Your Ramen Noodles!

Okay, so...day 2 of the 5 ingredient challenge and I may have already found a winner! Not only did this dish come together easily, but it was a big hit with my family. I was lovin' it! Here's how it came together:

First, I browned a pound of hamburger with salt and pepper. Then I drained it and moved it to a bowl to keep warm.

Then I dumped a bag of stir fry veggies into the skillet and cooked according to package directions. I used Green Giant 19 oz. Schezuan stir fry mix, because I had a coupon. Now, I'm a new fan. The veggies were frozen with sauce, so I stir fried until the sauce melted.

Then I added two cups of water, some ginger paste, and two packages of ramen noodles, broken up, with their seasoning packs. Bring to a boil, then cover and cook for 3 minutes, until the noodles are tender.

Now, add in the browned ground beef and a chopped green onion. Stir to combine and heat through.

And that's it! Totally satisfying and yummy and only 5 ingredients!

Asian Beef and Noodles adapted from the Cooking with 5 Ingredients cookbook

1 lb. ground beef
2 packages oriental flavor instant Ramen noodles
1- 19 oz. package stir fry mix (Green Giant Schezechuan style works well)
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger or ginger paste
1 large green onion, sliced

1. Brown beef with salt and pepper. Drain. Remove from skillet and keep warm.
2. Add package of stir fry veggies to skillet. Cook according to directions. Add 2 cups water, 2 packages of Ramen noodles and seasoning packs, and ginger. Bring to a boil. Cover and boil for 3 minutes, until noodles are tender.
3. Add in beef and green onions. Heat through.


Heather S-G said...

Wow, 5 ingredients and this looks so good! Great job...you are rockin' this challenge! And no, I don't work away games (at least not at the destination)...but I should definitely suggest a traveling chef....hmmm. :D

Julie said...

Yum, that really does look good. I'll bet my little guy would like that, he loves noodles!

theUngourmet said...

This is a terrific way to use Ramen. I have a bunch out in my pantry. I should do this! :D

Katy ~ said...

So flavorful and quick; love the addition of the veggies in this. Adds depth of flavor and good nutrition!

Mary | Deep South Dish said...

That looks yummy! And I confess.. I LOVE ramen noodles. Haven't had any in awhile but now I think I'll have to pick some up!

A Cooking Bookworm said...

I have a recipe similar to this, with chicken, that my husband loves. I never thought to use ground beef...would certainly be less expensive! :-) This stir-fry is the only way I like Ramen noodles!

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