Wednesday, April 1, 2009

There and Back

We're pulling out early in the morning. I've been packing like crazy today. No small task. One child likes to take everything out of the suitcase the minute I turn my back and the other likes to pack what she thinks we will really need. I was constantly taking things out (Barbie Dream House furniture) and putting things back in (the pile of now un-folded shorts and tee shirts) While I'm on vacation, I thought that I'd introduce you to a couple of my favorite things.

Here's what's we'll have with us on the way there:

These are the bees knees of graham crackers as far as I'm concerned. I just stumbled on them about a month ago when I had a coupon. Boy, am I glad that I did. The kids love em'. I love em'. They are yummy! There are real chunks of banana in these. At first it threw me off a little. What are those chewy bits? I wondered. Then I realized that they were actually little pieces of banana and I embraced them. Warning: they are addicting!

And here's something that I'll be bring back, Seven Keys Coconut Toast Spread:

When I was growing up, my great-grandparents worked in an orange grove down in Florida while spending their winters there. They were just too active to really retire, I guess. We'd trek down every Spring to see them and visit the orange grove. Have you ever smelled orange blossoms? I can't be grouchy with the smell of orange blossom in the air. I smile just thinking about it. Anyhow, they sold this fabulous toast topping in the gift shop at the grove. I think that it tastes heavenly. I love it on my bagels or toast or... if no one is looking...warmed up a little and straight from the jar. I should point out that this product did get mixed reviews in my house. My 4 year old informed me, "That tastes like sunblock!" She probably associated the coconut taste with the smell of suntan lotion. Oh well. I still love it.

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Anonymous said...

My Florida grandparents had a mature orange tree in their back yard. Not quite a grove, but it produced the *best* oranges and lots of wonderful memories.

Safe travels!

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