Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Malted Mousse Cake

This cake turned out beautifully! It really was pretty and festive and perfect for the holiday. The texture was amazing. The recipe description that this dessert is a cross between panna cotta and tiramisu was right on. However, my praise ends here. You'd think with a shortbread and hazelnut crust and with a filling that incorporated cream cheese, white chocolate, and whipped cream that this dessert would be decadent and heavenly and irresistible. At best, it was passable. Like I said, the texture was there. The flavor was missing. I was disappointed.

Below, I'm including the step by step pics in case any of you are curious about how it came together, but I'm not writing the play by play. Not yet. This recipe is a work in progress. I'm going to experiment with it a little. Here are a couple of my ideas. First, I think that this needs a generous drizzle of chocolate ganache. Second, instead of coloring it a pretty pink with a few drops of food coloring, I'll use maraschino cherry juice. I've also thought about adding amaretto. And I think I'll do away with the shortbread crust and make it with Oreos. It needs some chocolate!

Here's the link to this recipe again: Malted Mousse Cake from Better Homes and Gardens. Maybe you'd like to put your own spin on it!

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Donna-FFW said...

Im so sorry it wasnt as good as you thought it would be.. Dont cha hate when that happens.. bbut it makes us appreciate the good ones all the more;)

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