Friday, April 24, 2009

Grill Baby, Grill!

Friday night is traditionally make your own pizza night in our house. Then today dawned beautiful and sunny and the temperatures climbed to all of 80 degrees! It snowed here just a couple of weeks ago! The sidewalks were packed with people getting out and moving, the streets were filled with happy citizens cruisin' with their radios up and their windows down, warm breezes blowing through their hair. There was definitely a shake-off-that-winter-blues carefree spring happiness in the air. No way were we wasting it assembling pizzas, while hovered over the oven. We're a backyard livin', grillin' out family and it felt GOOD to be back!

This meal was nothing fancy. I thawed some brats earlier today. I needed to throw together a pasta salad for a church dinner tomorrow and it was perfect alongside those brats. I rounded out the meal with Bush's Grillin' Beans, the Steakhouse variety. We love those beans! I'm also pretty fond of the Bold and Spicy variety too. The whole dinner was a treat. I could just about do a happy dance thinking about it all now.

I hope that beautiful weather finds all of you this weekend too!


Anonymous said...

I love spring. We had the same weather here yesterday, and today it's supposed to be a carbon copy. We'll be grillin' tonight: steaks. Can't wait.

Enjoy the weekend!

Debbie said...

Our weather was EXACTLY the opposite of yours....90 degrees last week, snow yesterday.
Love those brats!!

Heidi said...

We are grilling tonight! YUMMY. Everything tastes better on te grill.

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