Monday, September 19, 2011

7th Birthday Brownie Bliss and Some Party Details...

As I sit down to type this post, it's nearly 10 pm EST. I just realized that exactly 7 years ago at this time I was laying in a hospital bed, clad in a flimsy gown and hooked to all sorts of monitors. Our daughter is the first grandchild on both sides of our family, so both sets of our parents had made the trip to the hospital and were camped out in the waiting room. I'd just received the blessed epidural and a calm had fallen over the delivery room. I was propped up on pillows, watching Sunday night football with my husband and I was too excited to " just rest" as the nurse had advised me.

I knew that life would never be the same, but I really had no idea what lie ahead: Colic. Sooo many sleepless nights (I should have taken that nurse's advise and rested!). First smile. First tooth. First words. First steps. The first time our daughter slept through the night consistently (Unfortunately in that you read this post you will see that sleep is not high on my daughter's list of priorities). First day of school. The first time my daughter read a book all on her own.  Her first solo bike ride on two wheels. And now...the first slumber party.

It's been a whirlwind. Our dynamic daughter is an amazing kid, so full of life and joy. She's tireless, except when I am trying to wake her for school in the morning. Ugh.

Parenthood has made me appreciate "the little things" more. Tonight I counted for her as she hoola-hooped to 100. It was quite an accomplishment! I'm looking forward to experiencing a lifetime of firsts with my children. It's certainly never boring!

When I asked my soon-to-be 7 year old daughter what she wanted to do for her birthday this year she all but screamed, "SLUMBER PARTY!" Her other two requests for the night were pizza and brownies (She despises cake, or rather the frosting that accompanies birthday cake. Weirdo.)

We ordered pizzas, and I purchased plenty of chips and popcorn for late night movie-watching junk food. My only food preparation responsibility for the party was brownies. With a fancy, theme-decorated cake out of the question, I focused my creativity on the brownies. Kids love brownies, but I didn't want to just serve our guests a boring, brown, square.

Inspiration struck when I found tie-dye themed plates at the party store. I had an "Ah-ha Moment":  I would do a 60's theme with daisy-shaped brownies!

To prepare the brownies, I lined the baking dish with 2 layers of foil, then sprayed it with non-stick cooking spray.

Then I poured in the brownie batter. I have to admit that I  "cheated" on the brownies. I used a boxed mix purchased at Aldi, then stirred in some chocolate chips to make them extra chocolaty. No apologies for the boxed mix. It made some delicious brownies.

After baking, I lifted the brownies from the pan and let them cool on the countertop before placing a flower shaped cookie cutter over the brownies and...

cutting them out.

After the brownies were cut, I transferred them to a sheet lined with waxed paper and sifted powdered sugar over the top.

With a final touch of yellow Reese's pieces pressed into the center of each "daisy" I was finished!

Now I only needed to set the table, strategically fling crepe paper from the rafters, and blow up some balloons to transform our dining room into "party central".

Here's a closer look at the table. Sparkly confetti strewn everywhere really spruced up the white space and made the tablescape appear festive.

My husband's parents were visiting this weekend for the occasion. They took our daughters out for the afternoon while I decorated.

The birthday girl was "psyched" when she returned home to the party scene I had created for her special night.

Now all we needed were guests! Here she is with her little sis and 4 "besties", getting ready to blow out all 7 candles on her brownie.

After dinner and dessert, I took the little ladies to the salon for a makeover. That is, I transformed our toy room into a salon.

You know all of those "free gift with purchase" deals and free samples that you get at department store make up counters? I'm not a hoarder, except for when it comes to this stuff. I have a whole drawer full of it. Most of it isn't even mine. My grandma, mom, and sisters send it to me. It makes for perfect play makeup!

I played make up artist for the girls...

while my mother-in-law took over the role of manicurist at the "Nail Salon".

Our make-shift salon was a huge hit!

As for the rest of the night? There was a game of flashlight tag in the lawn, a Barbie movie, a dance party, and then...lights out. The whole night went very smoothly except for the lights out part. At 12:30 I thought that the girls were all settled into their sleeping bags and getting ready to drift off. By 2:00 am I was issuing threats of separating them. At 3:30 am, my daughter was standing in front of me asking if it was morning yet because she was "bored". Really. BORED?! Go to sleep, child!!! Finally at 4:30 all was quiet and I abandoned my post on the sofa for my comfy bed. Only, I couldn't sleep. I was worried that one of the kiddos would wake up and need me. And so I laid wide awake with our bedroom door open, listening. At 8:00 am one of the girls came upstairs to tell me that she was hungry. I shuffled back downstairs to serve donuts with a smile on my face and a huge cup of coffee in my hand. Just 2 hours until the parents arrived to pick up their daughters....Please Lord, help the time pass quickly!

I'm still recovering. I think that I need at least two more years before I plan another slumber party. It makes me wonder: How did my mom do it? She survived 3 daughters and we all had slumber parties.

That must have sucked.

Thanks, mom!

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amandak23k said...

Great Birthday Party/Slumber Party! My daughter will be seven next year and she is already saying she wants a slumber party! I might steal your idea of transforming my house into a salon/spa! Thanks for sharing!

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