Monday, March 15, 2010

Quickie St. Patty's Day Treat for the Wee Ones

It's our turn for snack at Pre-K today. And it's a "letter snack day" meaning that the snack needs to begin with the assigned letter. We were assigned the letter "G". Of course, I sent goldfish crackers. Boring! I wanted to send something else. The wheels were turning...St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow. Green starts with "G". What to do? What to do?! Then I got it. Graham crakers with Green Frosting. Double word score! I slapped these together last night after the kiddos went to bed. It doesn't get much simpler than graham crackers and frosting...and kids love em'. I even cheated and used a tub of store bought frosting, stirring in the green food coloring.

For a little extra sparkle and crunch, I sprinkled some decorator's sugar around the outside. If you've got green sugar or sprinkles, they'd look pretty here too. I happened to accidentally dump my green sugar crystals when I grabbed them out of my decorating caddy last night. Lovely.

To cut down on the mess, I wrapped each treat individually. Then I put them in a gallon size freezer bag and froze them overnight.

I reason that the frosting will thaw before snack time, but still be good and cold and hopefully less likely to ooze out the sides of the sandwich and onto little hands. Hopefully. Of course, my track record isn't good here. I once sent devil's food cupcakes frosted in bright green and decorated to look like frogs to a classroom full of three year olds for my daughter's birthday. They were so cute...and SO MESSY! What was I thinking?! Later that year, when my daughter's teacher and I had become friends, she (sarcastically) thanked me for it. Live and learn, right?

Well, these are faster than cupcakes and cheaper than a shamrock shake! Have them waiting for your little leprechauns with a nice cold glass of milk for an after school treat tomorrow!


Mary | Deep South Dish said...

Cute idea! You're always so clever.

Kim said...

I agree with Mary, you are very clever and creative! The kids will love them:D

P.S. Sorry to hear you spilled the green sprinkles...that must have been loads of fun to clean!

Julie said...

I love this cute!

Sinful Southern Sweets said...

I love this!!

Katy ~ said...

Still laughing about the sarcastic thanks. "Gracious"starts with "g" and so does "grins".

These look like fun!

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