Sunday, June 14, 2009

Popsicle Props and The Meal Plan and Grocery List 6/15-6/21

I can barely think about food right now. My in-laws took us out for lunch in honor of our wedding anniversary today. Buca di Beppo. Why is it that every time I go there I eat like it's my last meal?! I am miserable now. Completely stuffed. It's been over 5 hours and the mere thought of dinner makes me ill. So, I'm holding the kids off. I keep passing out popsicles and enjoying the breeze on my patio as I type this and watch the kiddos play in the backyard. Speaking of Popsicles, have you seen these?

I was visiting my sister last week. Our children were all running around in the yard getting hot and sweaty (and muddy and grass stained...) when she yelled, "Popsicles!" They all came running. A mini stampede of dirty, sweat-streaked children. Then she started handing them out. I took a closer look. "What'd you do with the rest of that popsicle," I asked as the first one was opened. I mean, they are little. See:

But that's not a bad thing. They're the perfect portion size for little ones. And through the miracle of gelatin, they're slow melting. Which means...drum roll, please...NO MESS! No sticky melted popsicle running down my daughters' arms, staining their clothes and covering their faces. I love these little popsicles. And so do the girls...

Now, on to the meal plan...

Monday June 15th

Grilled Submarine Sandwiches

Tuesday June 16th

Fish Tacos

Wednesday June 17th

Pizza Burgers

Thursday June 18th

Garlic Skewered Shrimp

Friday June 19th

Probably Pizza

Saturday June 20th

Dance Recital
Dinner Out

Sunday June 21st

Chicken Manicotti

Grocery List


1 bag coleslaw mix
sweet red pepper
green onions
jalapeno pepper
1 lime
green pepper
2 onions


2 oz. deli turkey
2 oz. deli ham
2 oz. pastrami
12 oz. skinless fish fillets
lean ground beef
2 cups cooked, diced chicken breast
1 lb large shrimp


4 slices Swiss Cheese
3 slices cheddar cheese
4 slices provolone cheese
2 containers light chive and onion cream cheese
Parmesan cheese

Dry Goods

1 loaf Italian bread
taco shells
hamburger buns
seasoned bread crumbs
12 manicotti shells
Italian seasoning
garlic powder
red pepper flakes

Canned Goods

olive oil
Italian dressing
dill pickle slices
sliced green olives
tomato paste
pizza sauce
4 oz. diced pimento
soy sauce
vegetable oil


10 oz. chopped broccoli


Heather S-G said...

They are too stinkin' cute!! Look at that little face...LOL! I'm gonna have to pick some of these up next time I'm at market.

Coleens Recipes said...

What an excellent idea, why didn't they have those all along?

Chicago Mom said...

Those popsicles are amazing! Thanks for letting us know to look for them. I also love your Meal Plan & Grocery List; I do the same thing!

Mary | Deep South Dish said...

I think when you cook a lot like we do, it's such a pleasure to go out and eat and have somebody else cook for a change that we tend to overindulge. I SO enjoy eating out - and it doesn't matter where, local joint, hamburger joint, chain restaurant, fancy restaurant.

I could live on frozen treats right now... it is SOOOOOOO hot lately, ugh. Great idea, you need to come up with a recipe!

hshoafus said...

My girls LOVE THOSE!!!! The best part is that my 1 yr old finished hers before my 2 yr old!! HAHA! They are wonderful!! A must have for for freezer!

Katy ~ said...

We have the slow melt popsicles here for the BIG kid in this house - Ole Sweet-Pi. He goes through a box a week of them. (They are good, grins). The little ones are just adorable!!

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