Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday Splurge: Inside Out Bacon Cheeseburgers

I was really good this week. Really good. I counted calories, I exercised every day. 3 weeks and counting until Spring break. Here's hoping my anti-cellulite cream kicks in! I decided that a splurge was in order. I just had to try these Inside Out Bacon Cheese burgers. With extra sharp white cheddar, my favorite bacon, and green onion mayo, these are a burger lover's dream come true.

I defrosted a package of home-grown beef patties.

Fried up the bacon nice n' crispy.

Cut up 4-6 oz. of sharp white cheddar and mixed it with the crumbled bacon.

I seasoned the beef by mixing a tablespoon of seasoned salt and a tablespoon of worcestershire sauce.

Then brushed it onto both sides of the burger.

I made a little well in the center of each patty and pushed as much bacon and cheese into the patty that I could get the beef to cover. Form the burger around the filling.

My original thought was to throw these burgers on the grill. Unfortunately, it was just plain nasty outside. I heated my griddle over high heat and cooked the burgers on each side for 2 minutes. Then I lowered the heat to medium-low and cooked them for 7-8 minutes longer.

While my burgers cook, I work on the mayo. I actually grilled this bunch of green onions on my griddle before I put the burgers on. Once they were a little browned and tender, I removed them to my cutting board to cool and then chop.

I put a cup of mayo, the chopped, grilled green onions, and a teaspoon of cumin in my food processor.

Blend until combined.

I removed the burgers to a plate and put my buns on to toast.

I slathered the mayo on both sides of the toasty buns and then

Built my burger. I dressed it up with some lettuce, tomato, and sliced onion.

Check em' out! Delicious! My mouth waters at the memory.

Inside Out Bacon Cheeseburgers

4 big beef patties
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon steak seasoning
4-5 oz. sharp white cheddar
5 slices bacon, cooked and chopped
1 bunch green onions
1 cup of mayonnaise
1 teaspoon cumin
salt and pepper to taste
4 buns
lettuce, tomato, onion

Combine Worcestershire and steak seasoning. Brush over burgers. Combine cheese and bacon. Make a well in the center of each beef patty. Pile in the bacon and cheese and form the burger around it, making sure that the fillings are completely covered. Place the burgers on a hot grill pan. Cook 2 minutes on each side over high heat. Reduce heat to medium low and cook 7-8 more minutes. Remove the burgers and let rest 5 minutes before serving.

Chop cooled, grilled green onions and add to food processor. Add the mayo and cumin and blend until combined. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Place burgers on toasted buns and slather with mayonnaise. Top with lettuce, tomato, and onion if desired.

Serves 4.


Reeni said...

These are worth the splurge! They look fantastic!

Donna-FFW said...

I am with Reeni.. they look so fabulous, its worth the calories. Do you think the anticellulite cream works? You are funny:)

Krista said...

Those burgers were oh-so-good.

I'm contemplating one of those swimsuits with a skirt. lol.

Donna, last year I got a free sample in an ULTA gift bag of anti-cellulite crackling gel (It feels like spreading freezing cold pop rocks candy on your skin). I was pregnant at the time...kind of pointless to fight cellulite at 32 weeks pregnant. I just found it under the sink last week. Can't hurt to try. Right? I know, wishful thinking...

ShellyH said...

oh my! I need to make that recipe for my hubby! He is a burger guy! Thanks for posting it!

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